Monday, December 15, 2008

My Newest Toy

Yesterday I went by Sears in nearby Warrenton and picked up my latest toy, er, tool, a spindle sander. This is something I had not planned on buying right now, though because we used it beneficially in a class I took recently I had decided it was on my "to get" list for sometime in the future. But Sears had a sale on it for $80 off and I decided that now was the time and ordered it for delivery to the store. Though there was only one rating on line (five stars), I had seen favorable comment elsewhere and decided that this was the model I wanted. So I got it for $210 including sales tax. I think I made a good deal.

It seems to be solidly built, with a cast iron table. It offered the most sizes of spindles of any of the models I found on line. The one drawback is that the table doesn't tilt as some other models do. I haven't had time to try it out yet. I don't even have a project going yet that could use it. Projects are a thing of the future until I get the table saw installed and set up. That process will start on Tuesday when the saw gets delivered to my basement shop. Then the assembly and setup starts. I have someone coming on Wednesday afternoon to help me lift the saw onto the base, so the actual setup process will probably have to wait until Thursday. I do have a few projects in mind to start with. I'll talk about these in another post.


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