Thursday, August 8, 2013

Visiting Grizzly Tools

Recently, I got wind of a special deal on a 3 hp, 8-inch jointer from Grizzly Industrial.  It was in their  outlet store and was discounted $250 because it had flaking paint on the cast iron portion of the tool.  I decided to make a special deal of it by driving to Muncy, Pennsylvania, to pick it up myself and save the shipping cost.  The result, I got a great jointer for under $600!  Sure, it was about an 8-hour trip but the experience of seeing the Grizzly showroom was also worthwhile.

The Grizzly store is truly amazing.  It is huge!  And they have samples of all of their tools, plus tools
from other manufacturers, on display. My friend Jeff Fleisher and I had a good time browsing all the tools and supplies and came away with a few things in addition to the jointer.  Fortunately, the jointer--which came in two large boxes--fit in my pickup truck.  The helpful Grizzly staff loaded them in my truck with a fork lift, essential since they were so heavy.

When Jeff and I got back to my shop, we opened the boxes on the truck bed and were able to carry the parts into the shop and install them without much difficulty.  It is a two-man job, but no more than two are needed.

I'm happy to say the jointer is fully adjusted and working very well.  It is so much better to have this tool to replace my previous Grizzly 6-inch jointer.  Although that jointer gave me no trouble, ever, it really was too small for many of my needs.  I'm glad I made the change.

And the paint problem?  Yes, there is flaking paint on the cast iron, mostly in areas that are not visible.  I ordered a can of touch-up paint and at some time I'll clean and cover those spots to protect the metal.  But it's purely a cosmetic issue; the jointer functions the same as any of the others.  I'm happy I got it.


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