Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pencil Post Bed

Recently, I completed this king-sized pencil post bed.  The wood is tiger maple.  The finish is Charles Neil's New England Maple, which is a mixture of 3 parts General Finishes Light Brown dye and 1 part General Finishes Orange.  I applied the dye by hand.  Before applying the dye, I trace coated the wood twice using General Finishes Medium Brown dye, first sanding with 120 grit and secondly with 180 grit.  The top coat is three sprayed coats of General Finishes High Performance Satin.

I built the bed in Charles Neil's woodshop, using his special jigs to taper the posts and make the octagonal bevels on the sides of the posts.  I finished the bed in my own shop, where I hand cut lamb's tongues at the transition points on the posts.  I applied the finish in Jeff Fleisher's spray booth.  It was a fun build and makes a great addition to our home.

The tiger maple pencil post bed
I hope you build something good for yourself!


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