Friday, October 15, 2010

Fairfax Fall Festival

Our booth location on a street corner
 Last weekend, Jeff Fleisher and I set up a booth at the Fall Festival held in downtown Fairfax, Virginia.  Jeff had a 10X10 foot tent and we each purchased five-foot tables to show our wares. We had what we judged to be a good location--a street corner close to the food vendors.  We had prepared well in advance.  I made large signs featuring our business names and our work, which you can see hanging at the rear of the tent.

Jeff was offering platters, a few bowls, some jewelry boxes--including one with chip carving on the lid--and some small book or CD racks.  I displayed about 50 pens, some business card holders in cherry and walnut, and small desk clocks in the same woods.
Closeup of our booth

It was a beautiful day and the crowds were large and continuous.  But soon we noticed that people were carrying food but few shopping bags, which showed that they were out for a nice day but were not buying much.  That was certainly the case at our tent.  I sold only two clocks, one pen and one business card holder.  Jeff sold only one bowl.  I don't think we made enough money to pay for our booth location.

We concluded that we would not do this show again.  It is fine for folks to have a nice outing, but there isn't much of an incentive to buy things.  We are hoping that our next show--a two-day show in November--will be a better one.  It is billed as a Holiday Crafts Festival so it may draw a better crowd.  And, with the holiday gift-giving season approaching, perhaps attendees will be in a better buying mood.


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